Tuesday, 19 April 2011

'Peace Warrior' - Steven L Hawk

I stumbled across a post on the Amazon forums where independent authors are promoting their books and Peace Warrior by Steven Hawk stood out.

Humanity has finally turned its back on war and violence and Earth is finally at peace. This is all good until earth is invaded by aliens and all of humanity is turned into slaves. The leaders of earth realise that their only hope lies in the hands of a six hundred year old soldier whose frozen corpse was recovered by miners.
I found the whole situation really funny and Peace Warrior is only £0.69 (kindle edition) at Amazon UK so I decided to give it a chance. Besides, it's not every day I read self published books.

Humanity's last hope is Sergeant Grant Justice, a North American soldier that died over 600 years ago. His frozen corpse was discovered by miners and revived by a group of scientists led by Senior Scientist Tane Rolan. When Grant was alive the first time he was leading a bad ass group of soldiers whose success was a result of the hard training and discipline that Grant demanded from his men. He comes across as a gruff man who communicates through swearing and does not suffer fools easily. Luckily his heart is in the right place and he is definitely a man who knows right from wrong. He is the kind of leader that does leads by example and does not expect anyone under his command to do something that he would not do himself. Grant is obviously an expert in unarmed combat a crack shot with a rifle.

Tane Rolan has since his childhood struggled to fit into society as he is impatient with himself and others. In his science career this had lead him to take charge and push himself much harder than his colleagues. He believes that the only way to free humanity from the Minith's chains is to use violence against them.

Avery, token hot babe whose only reason for existing is to offer herself on a plate to Grant.

The Minith are a race of 8-9' brutes who almost almost wiped themselves out until an alien race made contact with them. Instead of warring with each other they poured out into the universe. Their history does not even record who the unfortunate aliens were that accidentally gave them the gift of space flight. They consider humans to be sheep and frankly I don't blame them.

No Minith alive could tell you the name of the visitors that landed on their planet. That was of no importance. What was important was that they brought the gift of space travel. And with that gift came other planets to pillage. Other races to fight and to destroy.

Grant faces a number of challenges in his quest to free earth. The Minith does not have a large posting of soldiers on earth as you don't need that many dogs to herd sheep. There is still enough of them so that Grant will need to raise an army, but where will he find wolves in sheep's skins?

Peace Warrior is a light read weighing in at 262 pages and I found it very suitable for reading on my short tube journey into work. The plot is simple and easy to follow and completely lacks sub plots which is not necessarily a bad thing early in the morning. Apart from Grant none of the characters has much substance and they never really come alive. Luckily Grant with his swearing, gruff demeanor and what is at stake is enough to keep me turning the pages.
I cannot help thinking that a professional editor could have made this book better without too much effort. The pacing of the plot is uneven where everything starts out quite slowly to all of a sudden move along at a neck-break speed. Some of the dialog is a bit corny, but at the same time a little cute in its naivety.
"Good journey, oh brave one!" Pound called. 
I enjoyed reading it in spite of its flaws and I will pick up the second part.

Peace Warrior is the first installment in a series of three books. The second book Peace Army is already available and the last one Peace World is due in 2011.

Verdict: Read

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