Monday, 9 May 2011

'The First Dragoneer' - M.R. Mathias

The First Dragoneer is a novella prequel to M.R. Mathias' The Dragoneers Saga series. The blurb is very short and pretty much only tells us that two young men are out hunting together. They do find something, but will they live to tell the tale. I wanted to know if they would live so I bought it.

Bren and March are two best friends who are out on a final hunting trip together. March is the third son and the custom is to leave home to lessen the burden on the family and find his own fortune. Bran being the only son has to stay to support his mother and sisters until they are all married. They are both experienced huntsman and Bran is the best bowman that March has ever seen so they are confident that their hunt will be successful. This is the farthest they have ever been from their village and both boys are excited about their last adventure together.

The First Dragoneer is real old school fantasy with two young boys having their first taste of adventure. I was reminded of when I first started reading the Wheel of Time series. Village boy power! M.R. Mathias does a reasonable job with the two boys, they feel realistic enough and I found myself quickly warming to them. He does really stress how much the two boys care for each other and for a while I was worried we would have a Breakback Mountain situation. The action was solid, with good description of what went on without losing the sense of pace. It's certainly not a game changer, but a good effort in spite of being a bit cheesy at times.

It did pique my interest for The Dragoneers Saga, but right now I feel there are books from more established authors that seem more promising and it will have to wait.

The First Dragoneer is self-published by M.R. Mathias and weighs in at 43 pages.

Verdict: read

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