Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Publisher Special: Angry Robot

Looking back at my read pile I noticed that there were a lot of books coming from Angry Robot. I have been following them since the start and remember bombarding them with emails asking when they would make their catalog available as ebooks. This was probably just a couple of days after buying my iPad and I was very keen on giving up paper books completely. Lee Harris replied telling me that they were actually in the middle of doing this, but it would be a couple of more months before they were finished. I imagined an army of angry little robot furiously typing away on their little computers.

Unfortunately, I read most of the Angry Robot books before I started this blog. It's been too long since I read them to actually write full reviews of them, but I do want to mention my five favorite Angry Robot books so far.

While Angry Robot might have the most famous authors, the ones that I've read books from so far are all very solid. The five books in my list are all books that kept me entertained during my commute and this is my way of thanking both Angry Robot and their authors.

The World House - Guy Adams
My favorite book from the Angry Robot catalog. The World House is a fantastic creation, bizarre and quite scary. It's a garden with a house, full of dangers, and designed to keep something locked up for ever.

Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero
Dan Abnett has over and over proved himself writing Warhammer 40k books, but this is very different. It's set in England during Queen Elizabeth's reign and we follow Sir Ruper Triumff where he drinks and fights his way on a swashbuckling adventure. It's a jolly good read, funny and action packed.
Sir Rupert Triumff. Adventurer, Fighter, Drinker. Saviour?
Says it all really.

Winter Song - Colin Harvey
This is a story about a man, Karl Allman,  who crashes his space ship on a very unforgiving colony planet. Luckily Karl Allman is genetically enhanced and survives the crash and is slowly nursed back to health by the colonisers. It's been long since the planet had any contact with outsiders and by now even the knowledge of life outside of their cold and frozen planet is a legend.

It's a grim tale about someone who dearly wants to go home and to do so he has to overcome many obstacles.

Nekropolis - Tim Waggoner
Meet Matt Richer. Private eye. Zombie.
That's all it took to catch my attention. Nekropolis is the city of the dead and where all the undead and paranormal creatures have fled to from earth. Like any place it has crime and mysteries to solve so Matt Richter a former policeman has carved out a reputation as a problem solver.

It reminds me of an Urban Fantasy novel, where Matt Richter's greatest weapons are his intellect and bag of tricks.

City of Dreams & Nightmare - Ian Whates
Another Angry Robot book with good world building. Thaiburley is a city that was built in tiers, with the poor at the bottom and the very richest and powerful at the top. It's all powered by organic technology which is not really understood anymore.

Tom, a poor street kid, climbs to the highest tiers and witnesses a murder of a councilman. The murder is blamed on Tom and he needs to escape the men hunting him, but also to clear his name.

Lots of fighting, a little bit of magic and a lot of questions that need answers.

Here is one book that I am excited about and keeping my eye on. Should be released in September.

Roil - Trent Jamieson
I'm excited about this book from, at least to me, unknown author. The world is slowly being consumed by darkness, the roil, that is the home to monsters. Nothing has been able to stop the expansion and it is now up to some very unlikely heroes, a drug addict, an old man and a woman.


  1. I really enjoyed Triumff - and have several AR books piled up on my TBR pile... they certainly seem to be going places, these days - thank you for the blog, it has encouraged me to bump The World House to the top of the my list.

  2. That does look interesting. Thanks for the tip.