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To-Read Pile: My Next 5 #2

Decided to change my approach for informing you of the very top of my to-read pile. I wont do a monthly one as I first thought, that will be too difficult to plan. Instead I will blog about the next 5 books when necessary. Speaking of which, here is my next five.

Monstrocity - Jeffrey Thomas

There are haunted places. Haunted houses. The metropolis of Punktown, on the planet Oasis, is a haunted city.

An unassuming young man perceives the city's dark tentacles in the lay of the streets, its roots in the labyrinth of subways, a polluted taint in the eyes of people around him. And this evil is building toward an apocalyptic culmination...

The city is not only haunted... maybe it's alive...

I love the cover of Monstrocity, totally spaced out and creepy. I have high hopes for this lovecraftian horror story set somewhere in space. It's a short book so it will be my amuse bouche, a little horror appetizer.

Monstrocity was sent to me for review by the publisher, Anarchy Books.

Until Thy Wrath Be Past - Asa Larsson

It is the first thaw of spring and the body of a young woman surfaces in the River Thorne in the far north of Sweden. Rebecka Martinsson is working as a prosecutor in nearby Karuna. Her sleep has been disturbed by haunting visions of a shadowy, accusing figure. Could the body belong to the ghost in her dreams? And where is the dead girl's boyfriend, also reported as missing the previous winter? 

Joining forces once again with Police Inspectors Anna-Maria Mella and Sven-Erik Stalnacke, Rebecka is drawn into an investigation that centres on old rumours about a plane carrying supplies for German troops in 1943 that never arrived. Shame and secrecy shroud the locals' memories of the war, with Sweden's early collaboration with the Nazis still a raw wound. And on the windswept shore of a frozen lake lurks a killer who will kill again to keep the past buried for ever beneath half a century's silent ice and snow.

I thought this book would be a good choice for me to read. So far I have not reviewed any pure breed crime books and when I saw Until Thy Wrath Be Past from fellow Swede Asa Larsson I knew I had to read it. Funnily enough I don't read much from Swedish authors. When I first moved to the UK it was difficult to find any translated into English, but that all changed rapidly after The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I expect a very somber read, not too much action, but instead a intelligent plot.

Until Thy Wrath Be Past was sent to me for review by the publisher, Quercus Books.

The Goblin Corps - Ari Marmell

This is an epic action-fantasy full of adventure, excitement, and drama - and all from the bad guys' points of view!

Morthul, the dreaded Charnel King, has failed. Centuries of plotting from the heart of the Iron Keep - all for naught. Foiled at the last by the bumbling efforts of a laughable band of so-called heroes, brainless and over-muscled cretins without sense enough to recognize a hopeless cause when they take it on. But the so-called forces of Light have paid for their meddling with the life of Princess Amalia, the only child of the royal family of Shauntille.

Now, as winter deepens, disturbing news has reached the court of Morthul. King Dororam, enraged by the murder of his only child - and accompanied by that same group of delusional upstart 'heroes' is assembling all the Allied Kingdoms, fielding an army unlike any seen before. Still, after uncounted centuries of survival, the Dark Lord isn't about to go down without a fight, particularly in battle against a mere mortal! No, the Charnel King still has a few tricks up his fetid sleeves, but the only thing that can defeat him now may just be the inhuman soldiers on whom he's pinned his last hopes...

Welcome to the Goblin Corps, may the best man lose!

This book just looks like a lot of fun. Lately there has been quite a few books following the 'bad guys' view on things: Orcs, Goblin Hero and lets not forget all the Warhammer books. On purpose I have tried to avoid reading any reviews just to read it without any preconceptions. I honestly cant see how this book could be anything other than entertaining. I follow Ari Marmell on Twitter and Google+ and he comes up with the most absurd jokes and observations.

Goblin Corps was sent to me for review by the publisher, Pyr.

Rule 34 - Charles Stross

DI Liz Kavanaugh: You realise policing internet porn is your life and your career went down the pan five years ago. But when a fetishist dies on your watch, the Rule 34 Squad moves from low priority to worryingly high profile. Anwar: As an ex-con, you'd like to think your identity fraud days are over. Especially as you've landed a legit job (through a shady mate). Although now that you're Consul for a shiny new Eastern European Republic, you've no idea what comes next. The Toymaker: Your meds are wearing off and people are stalking you through Edinburgh's undergrowth. But that's ok, because as a distraction, you're project manager of a sophisticated criminal operation. But who's killing off potential recruits? So how do bizarre domestic fatalities, dodgy downloads and a European spamming network fit together? The more DI Kavanaugh learns, the less she wants to find out.

I really liked Charles Stross' Laundry series a lot more than Accelerando, so hopefully Rule 34 has more in common with the former. My wish list for Rule 34 include: fun, bizarre, great characters and everything should come in a slick package.

Rule 34 was sent to me for review by the publisher, Orbit Books.

A Serpent Uncoiled - Simon Spurrier

A missing mobster. A bizarre spiritualist society. And three deaths, linked by a chilling forensic detail.

Working as an enforcer in London's criminal underworld brought Dan Shaper to the edge of a breakdown. Now he's a private investigator, kept perilously afloat by a growing cocktail of drugs. He needs to straighten-up and rebuild his life, but instead gets the attention of his old gangland masters and a job-offer from Mr George Glass. The elderly eccentric claims to be a New Age Messiah, but now needs a saviour of his own. He's been marked for murder.

Adrift amidst liars and thugs, Shaper must push his capsizing mind to its limits: stalked not only by a unique and terrifying killer, but by the ghosts of his own brutal past.

Roughly a month ago I did see, and even read some, a lot of reviews for A Serpent Uncoiled and they were all very positive. When Headline announced on Twitter that they would give away review copies to anyone interested I pounced like a fat little boy on an abandoned snickers bar. This book will be violent, maybe even disturbingly so. It should also be a fresh, or at least different, approach to the noir detective. Maybe even a touch of China Mievelle's magical weirdness.

A Serpent Uncoiled was sent to me for review by the publisher, Headline.

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