Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Check it out: City of Hell

A little bird just tweeted in my ear that there is a new anthology of horror stories coming in December 2011. The editor is Colin F Barnes - author of dark, edgy, sci-fi and horror - who has assembled a team of writers with a talent for the macabre and gruesome. The team consists of seven authors in total, six female, and one male. Check out the gorgeous cover and then take a look at the introduction. I like it! No sparkling vampires, no puppy eyed werewolves.
There is no god, no angels, no redemption. There is no hope, only suffering. The great Ant-headed Old-One has risen and brought hell to earth. The land is scorched and the human race decimated, eaten or tortured. Only three cities remain, a crumbled dying version of their former selves: London, Moscow and Hong Kong.The Old-One’s own City of Hell dominates most of North America. Its diabolical influence has turned ordinary citizens into torturers, debased slaves, lunatics and zealots.
With an eruption at Yellowstone, the likes of which humanity had never seen before, The Old-One tore apart the land, and ascended to rule, aided by its faithful army of acolytes. From the core of the earth it crawled up on to the land, spreading disease and insanity to all corners of the globe.
The City of Hell Chronicles tell the tales of survival, death and debauchery.
For more information visit the website of City of Hell Chronicles.

The great Ant-headed Old-One is coming!

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