Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My Pick: Angry Robot

Who knew that making list of things was so much fun. Angry Robot recently announced their catalogue until June 2012. Once again they impress with a solid catalogue of new books. Here is my pick of the five most appealing books. That is, most appealing to me. Feel free to disagree/agree in the comments.

Omega Point - Guy Haley
Guy Haley's first book about the unlikely pair of private eyes, Richards and Klein, just blew me straight out of the water. I'm a big action junky and Reality 36 hit the sweet spot straight away. Omega Point is part two, and is for me a must read. If in doubt, have a look at my review of Reality 36.

Empire State - Adam Christopher
I'm really excited about Adam's debut novel, Empire State. It's a super hero noir novel with two alternative realities fighting over the right to exist. In the end there can be only one. If you still have not read the excerpt over at Tor.com, please do so now. Actually, finish reading my list first.

Debris - Jo Anderton
I have already read and reviewed Debris, which is the debut novel of Australian writer Jo Anderton. I thought it was well worth reading, beautifully written tale of redemption. A fresh take on 'magic' was the best thing about Debris. I liked it.

Blackbirds - Chuck Wendig
This guy is bloody hilarious. I recently came across his blog, TerribleMinds, and I'm loving it. He offers a lot of (free) advice on writing. It's outrageous, brash, straight to the point and hilarious. Blackbirds is a paranormal fantasy following Miriam Black. She has the gift/curse to simply by touching someone see how they will die.

The Alchemist of Souls - Anne Lyle
Another debut novel. Angry Robot seems to have a knack for discovering talent. The Alchemist of Souls is set in Elizabeth I's London. London is such an amazing setting for any novel so she hooked me there. Let's throw in some vikings as well just to make sure I won't get away. Oh and magic as well. Probably swashbuckling in narrow alleyways.

Night's Engines - Trent Jamieson
Five, six, who is counting!? I loved Roil, which you can hopefully tell from my review. This is the second, and final, part of the Nightbound Land duology. Kickass, dark and gritty fantasy with great characters in a terrific setting. Really look forward to this bad boy.


  1. Wow, thanks Erik! I should point out there are no actual Vikings in my Elizabethan London - the history isn't _that_ alternate! But definitely magic, swashbuckling and murky alleys ;)

  2. Anne - Well a forgotten viking legend and ships with red sails? Even without vikings you will be on the list :)