Saturday, 31 December 2011

Best of 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

It's time to look back and try and choose the best of what I've read and reviewed in 2011. As always the objective is to narrow it down to five books, but I never managed to choose just five before, so don't expect too much.  To me 2011 was a very good reading year. I came across so many good books and new authors. I also discovered a wonderful blogging/writing community on Twitter. Only books reviewed on my site will be on this list. Hopefully they were all published in 2011, but I wont look too closely at that.

And a big thanks to all my readers!

Reality 36 - Guy Haley
I absolutely loved Reality 36. Two different main characters who complement each other really well with different skills and personalities. It was a really good action adventure with some fancy gadgets, I mean weapons, and despicable villains. Nothing will stop be from reading the sequel, Omega Point, or Guy Haley's Champion of March. Both are scheduled for release in the first half of 2012.

Viking Dead - Toby Venables
Viking Dead was just awesome. It managed to be a scary, head bashing adventure into the unknown, and at the same time a more thoughtful story of a young man becoming a man. I'd love to read a sequel to this bad boy.

The World House - Restoration - Guy Adams
I was gobsmacked after reading the first book, and Restoration was a very good conclusion. Guy Adams really shines when it comes to characters. They are all full of life, feel very real, and deliver punchy dialogue. A book (or two) which managed to both delight and frighten me. I should find out if he is writing another book.

Johannes Cabal - The Detective - Jonathan L Howard
Jonathan Howard is the master of the macabre and bizzarre, or is it perhaps his creation, Johannes Cabal who is the real master of the above. Either way, The Detective was a great read. Just like the first book it was ful of dry humour and a clever plot. A must read.

Roil - Trent Jamieson
Roil wins the Best Blurb of 2011 award. I really did not have a choice after reading the blurb on the Angry Robot website. Trent Jamieson treats us to good world building with a really sinister world populated with creepy crawlies. A lot of suspense in Roil. I am ashamed to say I have not managed to read any of Trent's other books so far. Maybe a promise for 2012? At least I shall read part two, Night's Engines, out in June 2012.

A Serpent Uncoiled - Simon Spurrier
A Serpent Uncoiled is a great thriller with a hint of the occult. A dark trip into the damaged mind of our protagonist, where he fights his own demons as well as the thugs of the London underworld. I seriously could not put it down. Best read over a weekend to avoid interruptions really.

The Kings of Eternity - Eric Brown
The Kings of Eternity by Eric Brown receives an honorary mention. It should be on this list by rights of how good it is, but I have never published a review of it. Blogger had a malfunction and my review was lost, and I never got around to rewriting it. It's terrific book about self discovery and love, but also manages to include aliens and ray guns.

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