Friday, 20 January 2012

Book Giveaway: A Serpent Uncoiled

For my first giveaway of 2012 Headline has kindly agreed to sponsor me with a copy of A Serpent Uncoiled. I am not much for writing memorable quotes, so the best I can do to describe it would be, a dark and edgy thriller! Anyway, here is my review of A Serpent Uncoiled. The book is now out as a paperback, and the author, Simon Spurrier, has prepared a little promotional video to mark the occasion.

Shame he no longer has the haircut from his Twitter avi. Let's go back to the giving away a copy of this excellent book. This is what you need to do:

First of all, I am terribly sorry but this time it's a UK ONLY competition.

1) Send an email to winabook NOSPAM at iwillreadbooks dot com (but remove the NOSPAM).
2) Make the title for your email A Serpent Uncoiled
3) Don't forget to include your address, or I wont be able to send you the book
4) Do this before Friday the 27 nd of January 2012


  1. Okay, I'm US, so I'm just going to have to go out and buy my own copy.

    I liked the Youtube advert. We're going to silly lengths these days to sell and I love some of the insults. Marvelous words. Have you seen this odd but strange, speaking of Youtube book sellers? stop animation karo syrup gore.

    My Little Ponies Massacred:

  2. Aw man...this is one of the books I was hoping to read. But getting it in the US has been tough. I guess there's always a trip to Victoria, B.C. but..

    Good luck with the giveaway, Erik!