Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Who Won? Empire State

Time to announce the winners. Yes, you read that right, winners. My Angry Robot overlords provided me with an extra copy of Empire State.

First lucky winner is: Olivia from London.
Second lucky winner is: Michael O'Sullivan from London.

I felt bad when two Londoners won my INTERNATIONAL giveaway, so I decided to sponsor the giveaway with a copy myself, and drew a third winner from the non-UK entrants.

Third lucky bonus winner: Tim Lewis from Oregon, US.

I hope you guys enjoy the book as much as I did. Phew. I'm exhausted.


  1. HURRAH! Never feel bad when Olivia from London wins things. She's fabulous.

    Thank you so much - a lovely surprise to wake to (I woke late, ok?), and am really looking forward to reading it. I've heard very good things.

    I mean - Olivia has heard very good things.


  2. I feel so international! Not only that, I'm also a bonus. I too have heard good things about this title. Thanks again for the giveaway and for the great book reviews.

    I'm planning on reviewing it when I'm done reading it, but I think I'm a slower reader than you because you have way more reviews than I do.

  3. Is there anything better then a free book, well yes a free book that you've been looking forward to reading and thanks to Erik I am one of the very lucky winners.

    I am waiting with anticipation for the book to come through my letterbox.

    Many thanks.