Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What I'm Reading Next

Having left Guy Adam's The Breath of God behind my I figured it was time to read an eBook, so I turned on my spanking new iPad and navigated to iBooks. What it Was by George Pelecanos is a book I choose mostly because of the cover. Seriously, look that. It's stunning. I picked it up for next to nothing as well thanks to Orion Crime, who had a little Twitter discount on the book. I assume it's a crime novel, but I don't really care.

Dark Winter is a different cup of tea all together. David Mark has chosen Hull as a setting for his novel, and I've always been fascinated by Hull. When I first moved to the UK I heard quite a lot about Hull, not much of it good, so I jumped on this opportunity to learn more about Hull. Besides, not every crime novel can be set in London or Edinburgh.

Not sure how I ended up reading two books at the same time.

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