Monday, 30 April 2012

'Ratfist' - Doug TenNapel

Ratfist is the creation of Earthworm Jim creator, Doug TenNapel. As usual, I seem to choose my comics in a vacuum, I am not sure I even looked at the name of the writer or artist, I only had eyes for the cover. The cover has a bold feel to it, with three equally silly looking characters on it. Straight away I got the impression Ratfist would not be your normal super hero comic, I mean even the name is bonkers. Many thanks to Diamond Book Distributors who kindly agreed to give me a review copy of Ratfist.

The first page immediately sets the tone for the rest of the comic with a perfectly normal declaration by the hero, but in a bizarre context. Ratfist wants to propose to his sweetheart, for both emotional and rational reasons, but by claiming it will make him more mature, while at the same time donning a ridiculous rat suit, had me dissolve into a fit of giggles. The rest of the comic is equally funny and absurd. Ratfist definately makes a mockery out of the super hero genre, but in a good natured way.

Ratfist is a good example of how little exposition you need to 'get' the plot. We are not actually given any at all, just dropped straight into Ratfist's crusade against his alter ego's big evil corporate employer. It was impossible to predict the outcome of a single story arc. We go from time travel to reality blending where the writer of the comic is drawn into a fight for his life against one of Ratfist's foes. All bets are off.

Doug TenNapel is responsible for the writing and drawing, but the coloring was done by Katherine “Lemm” Garner. The artwork stands out with contrasting colors, silhouettes, and bold strokes of the pen. It has the same weird and absurd feel as the writing, a perfect marriage.

I would be very surprised if Ratfist was not on my top 5 list of comics for 2012. It was good news when I did some research on Doug TenNapel and found several other comics by him. I have actually already read one, Bad Island, which was great fun.

Ratfist weighs in at 176 pages and is published by Diamond Book Distributors.


  1. Good review, thank. I've only read one DTN comic, I can't recall the title but there was a giant space worm in it. Despite that, it was surprisingly deep.

    I'll be sure to check Ratfist out.

    1. You're probably thinking of Creature Tech, that had a giant space eel in it. One of my favorite titles.

    2. I will definitely buy more books buy Doug. Might get Creature Tech, looks fun.

  2. Humm this sounds interesting!