Wednesday, 11 April 2012

'Warlord of Mars (vol 1)' - Arvid Nelson

Title: Warlord of Mars (vol 1)
Writer: Arvid Nelson
Illustrated by: Stephen Sadowski and Lui Antonio

Based on the original story by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I remember glancing at a trailer for the John Carter movie, but I did not realise there was also a graphic novel until I read the review by fellow blogger MomGamerWriter. Seemed like quite a fun action adventure, reminding me of Flash Gordon, so I was off to NetGalley to acquire a review copy of my own. It's after all time for another graphic novel review (this one is for March...). Thank you Dynamite Entertainment for auto-approving my request.

Captain John Carter is a former Confederate soldier, who is down on his luck. As a last desperate attempt to make something out of his life he sets out with a friend to look for gold. The two men run into some US soldiers who mock them for the defeat, but they ignore their slander, drink up and leave. When the soldiers turns to mocking John Carter’s beloved home state Virginia, his anger is too much and guns are blazing. The ex-confederates make their escape, and eventually even succeeds in their prospecting. Then the Apaches attack them, and John Carter is forced to seek refuge in a cave. A strange mist weakens him and he appears to die, but instead of a true death he is transported to Mars. His earth hardened muscles are super powered in the weak gravity, which is a lucky thing, since the natives are 8 foot tall monsters with four arms.

Time for some ass kicking and buxom wenches (with four boobies).

It's a straightforward plot, where Captain John Carter has to kill a lot of people to save both Mars and his lovely girl. I wouldn't say it's so compelling you can't but the book down, but it works well enough to keep you reading. What's best about Warlord of Mars is the world building really. I'd say the plot is just the vehicle for a lovely guided tour around mars, to discover more about the red planet. It has a surprisingly rich history, and a lot to amaze you on your journey. Just relax and enjoy the ride, but make sure you strap yourself in first.

The illustrations are good, although they did mostly focus on the naked human body. I guess Mars is pretty warm as everyone was pretty much wearing very little. Stephen Sadowski and Lui Antonio impressed me with their ability to draw a naked man so many times without showing an actual penis.

The only thing I did not like was how quick Captain Carter was in rejecting the green martian's culture as barbaric and cruel, typical white man behaviour. Let's not forget he actually killed someone for saying something bad about his home state. A little hypocritical.

Warlord of Mars was entertaining and action packed. After reading it I might even watch the movie just to compare the two.

Warlord of Mars weighs in at 266 pages and is published by Dynamite Entertainment.


  1. or maybe read the original source material to compare....

  2. Great review! Glad you found one of my favorites enjoyable. It's always nice to see how other like/dislike something you suggest!!!