Thursday, 14 June 2012

'2 Guns' - Steven Grant

2 Guns is my latest read for MomGamerWriter's comic book challenge. You can see the contributions from other bloggers here. The script is by Steven Grant and illustrations by Mat Santolouco. I found this bad boy while following an intricate web of recommendations on the Amazon website. The graphic novel was compared to Ocean's Eleven and the Italian Job, which was a hook I quite happily swallowed. I want to thank the ever so generous myself for splashing out for a copy of 2 Guns.

Trench and Steadman, our two protagonists, work well together, just like oil and water. Considering how they met, this is perhaps not surprising. Being undercover agents, you don't really know who to trust, and this is especially true in 2 Guns.

Trench is a DEA agent, who thinks he has made contact with another criminal, but this is just Steadman operating under an alias. Steadman is a Naval Intelligence Officer, who is just following orders. Steadman suggests robbing a bank, one which Trench is familiar with. Supposedly, the bank is up to something but the DEA have never been able to prove anything. This could be their chance. Obviously, Trench is not planning on really robbing the bank, or at least until a gangster threatens to set him up by paying $50,000 into his account. This convinces Trench he needs an out card, let's say 50 million outs.

This is just some of what goes down in the first chapter. Clearly, 2 Guns is fast and furious and it's far from a simple plot. Whereas, I like the relentless pace and the action I did struggle with the plot. Steven Grant is no where near to convincing me a DEA agent is so easy to setup, if all a gangsta needed was $50,000 to get rid of one, we'd have none left. There are a more than one occasion where the writer takes the easy way out, forcing a character into a situation by making an unlikely decision.

Not quite sure where I stand on the illustrations, Mat Santolouco draws his characters with a lot of sharp angles. Most of them feel rather blocky, with chins sharp enough you to shave yourself with. Many of them are also very similar in appearance, especially Steadman seems to have been cloned. Funnily enough he reminds me of Josh Hopkins, who plays "Tiny Eyes" Grayson in Cougar Town.

2 Guns is far from a bad graphic novel, but I did expect a lot more from such an experienced writer as Steven Grant. If your diet is mainly action oriented 2 Guns might be more to your taste.

2 Guns weighs in at 128 pages, and is published by Boom Studios. According to IMDB 2 Guns the movie will be out in 2013.

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