Friday, 29 June 2012

'Bad Blood' - Chuck Wendig

Chuck Wendig, writer and master of profanities, is back with a new Coburn novel. Bad Blood is the second book starring my new favourite bad ass vampire, who thankfully never sparkles, and his sidekick, Creampuff, the doggie. I'm happy coming back for a second helping of Coburn. Double Dead had a lot more depth to it than I expected, it was a story of a man who could only cope with being a monster by fully embracing it, and letting go of humanity. Thank you Abaddon Books for the review copy of Bad Blood.

Bad Blood is a very quick read, not only because is's short, it is really short, but for being as action packed as Double Dead, with no chance of catching your breath. The team is just Coburn, Gil and Creampuff, and they are still trying to deliver the cure to a lab, or at least find a group of survivors who are not cannibals or complete psychopaths. Obviously, it won't be that easy, and there might be a bunch of cannibals, demented humans, zombies, and hunters between them and salvation.

Funnily enough, Coburn did not learn anything from Double Dead, so he still vastly overestimates his own abilities and manages to get captured and tortured as usual. I have to say this is turning into a pattern for Chuck Wendig, but I still think it works. Having said that, for a third instalment he has to be a bit more innovative for his plot obstacles.

Bad Blood works well for me, I really like Chuck Wendig's tongue in cheek cussing and his punchy dialogue. It's a refreshing read, and a book that stands out amongst its vampire genre brethren for its reckless pace and innovative use of profanities. A great take on the survivor genre. When can we have the third part Mr Wendig?

Bad Blood weighs in at 108 pages, and is published by Abaddon Books.


  1. You had me at "Creampuff the doggie", but I'm also intrigued by the "story of a man who could only cope with being a monster by fully embracing it, and letting go of humanity". And I rather like Wendig's cursing and badass dialogue (or at least I liked what I read of it in Blackbirds).

    Thanks for the review Erik!

    1. Creampuff is one awesome doggie.

      Hope you like the book :)