Thursday, 18 October 2012


Just finished watching the pilot for Arrow, CW Network's adoption of the DC Comic's Green Arrow, and it was not bad at all. Here is why I think you should give it a try.

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), the playboy son of a billionaire, who is lost at sea with his father and presumed dead. He is not. Our spoiled party brat is playing Robinson Crusoe. We are shown a glimpse of this island, and to be fair, it does look like Mordor could be just around the corner. We are told the island is as dangerous as it looks, and to survive, the boy has to turn into a man and make himself into a weapon. After five years he is rescued and returned to civilisation.

It does get a little bit cheesy here when he sleeps on the floor instead of the bed, and demonstrates his amazing reflexes by catching stuff dropped by the maid. He shows his maturity by turning away a girl by pretending to still be a wild party animal. From now on Oliver Queen seems to be motivated by vengeance and just like in Revenge there is a list of people who needs to be punished. It's time to kick some ass.

Arrow is brimming with action with our hero is traversing obstacles and buildings like a pro traceur. Jumping over a fence, or running up a wall, is not exactly kicking ass though, but not surprisingly, he dances in circles around the bad guys, unless he shoots them of course. They get inventive with the bow, perhaps even a bit too inventive, and I suspect they have not shown us all what this amazing weapon can do. When the Green Arrow enters melee it's over as quickly for the hired thugs, the fighting is quick and brutal. For a TV show it's well done and looks convincing. There is a tendency to have our hero chased by men with machine guns who apply the spray and pray tactic, which I hope the director will move away from as it really only belongs in computer games. There's only so many roof tops you can realistically run over under fire without getting hit.

It's easy to forgive Arrow for being a bit cheesy at times, it is a comic book adaption after all, just as long as it stays fun I'm happy to watch.

Stephen Amell does a good job playing the brooding hero and arrogant playboy, and the writers have delivered a plot who at first seemed to be a simple revenge one, but then it turns a lot more sinister, and betrayal looms on the horizon.


  1. Cool, I might give this a try. In the long run I wonder if they plan to go for a more realistic route like the latest Batman films or we'll see Oliver Queen fending off meteorite freaks like in Smallville.

  2. Hopefully a somewhat more realistic approach :)

  3. It sounds a little bit too 'Batman' (brooding hero, arrogant playboy) at the moment. There are *other* archetypes to play with... Hey ho. I'd still like to see it though.

    1. It's a lot like Batman, super rich, vengeance driven, gadgety and dark. Just like you said. Chances are you wont like Arrow unless you like Batman, but who does not like Batman? Still worth a look I think :)