Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Black Library Announces Horus Heresy Graphic Novels

Macragge’s Honour will be restored in November 2013

At the end of the sold-out Black Library Weekender, we announced the first title in a new range of full-length graphic novels that will become part of the New York Times bestselling series, the Horus Heresy.

Brought to you by the creative team of Dan Abnett (New Mutants, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Neil Roberts (Horus Heresy series cover artist, 2000 AD), the first title, Macragge’s Honour, will initially be available as a limited time edition through, to be followed at a later date with a regular release, including French and German editions. Macragge’s Honour will pick up the tale of one of the most iconic naval battles in the Horus Heresy, following on from where the story starts in Dan Abnett’s New York Times bestseller, Know No Fear.

‘It’s going to be a $500,000,000 dollar movie in your hands.’ - Neil Roberts

‘...I cannot tell you the words I used in the email, because they’re not good out-loud words.’ - Dan Abnett (upon seeing Neil’s images)

What is the Horus Heresy?

Set 10,000 years before the timeline of Warhammer 40,000, the Horus Heresy series tells of the galaxy-spanning civil war that threatens to bring about the extinction of humanity as the
traitorous Warmaster Horus turns his forces against his father, the Emperor.

As the flames of war spread across the galaxy, mankind’s champions will be put to the ultimate test, as brother faces brother and the universe trembles to the beat of war.

Who are Black Library?

Black Library are one of the world’s largest publishers of science-fiction and fantasy. We have a proven track record for producing comics and graphic novels, having won the Eagle award for best British comic in 2004 for Warhammer Monthly.

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