Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sword of Caledor - William King

William King is back with the second Tyrion & Teclis novel, Sword of Caledor. I liked the first one (review here), and was in the mood for a bit of hack and slash, so I decided to make it my next read. Many thanks to the Black Library for giving me a review copy of Sword of Caledor.

We are reunited with Tyrion and Teclis one hundred years after the events of Blood of Aenarion. The two brothers are on a treasure hunt, slowly trekking through a jungle filled with danger. Deep within the jungle lies an abandoned city, and inside it rests Sunfang, a sword forged by Caledor himself. Who knows what traps the Slann left behind them in their city before they disappeared.

Unknown to our two heroes the demon they banished so long ago stirs in the realm of chaos, plotting his revenge of their lineage. The Witch King Malekith is also on the move, with the final parts of his plan now in place it is time to retake what is his by right of birth, Ulthuan. All elves will be united again.

Not sure a sword will be enough to save the brothers this time, not even one as legendary as Sunfang.

Just like the first book, Sword of Caledor is an adventurous read with treasure hunts, long lost races, monsters, tournaments, demons and the flipping Witch King himself. The stakes are high, and Tyrion and Teclis seems to be the only hope left for the poor elves. The plot itself is perhaps too simple, where things have a tendency to just conveniently go the way of the Witch King. I appreciate things have to get bad before they can get better, but William King makes it too easy for himself. Luckily, Sword of Caledor is such a fun and easy read he gets away with it.

In large parts it's the tension between the two brothers which makes the book. Elves are ambitious by nature and getting ahead of other elves is what they do, sometimes not even blood will stand in their way. Tyrion and Teclis obviously care about one another, and more than once do they risk their own life for the other, but there is still a lot of jealousy. It feels like it could boil over any minute, and if it does, will it be Teclis' magic, or Tyrion's brawn which will win the day?

William King also addresses the relationship between elves and humans, and the rise of a new generation of younger elves who think differently and tries to break with tradition. It is finally dawning on the elves their time is passed, and maybe they are not so superior after all. They are more intelligent, better with magic, faster and stronger, but still it's humanity which is spreading and controlling the world.

Sword and Caledor is the book to read if you are interested in elves and their history in the Warhammer setting. Anyone who enjoys a action oriented fantasy should also pick up this series.

Sword of Caledor weighs in at XXX pages, and is published by the Black Library.

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