Monday, 11 March 2013

Dangerous Gifts - Gaie Sebold

The Mademoiselle of pleasure and danger is back! Gaie Sebold's Babylon Steel returns in Dangerous Gifts. I Loved the first book, and you can find the review here. Anyway, many thanks to Solaris Books for providing me with a review copy of Dangerous Gifts.

The first book was about Babylon Steel's past and how she ended up in Scalentine. Dangerous Gifts is about the now. Not long has passed since the events in book one, and Babylon Steel reluctantly accepts a escorting quest. Not that kind of escorting, the one where she has protects someone! The Itnunnacklish - girl from first book who was Gudain and turned into a Ikinchli, thus proving the two races was once one - is trying to unite the two races she belongs to, but not everyone wants her to. Only Babylon stands between a young woman and certain death.

It feels like we have left the main plot for a quick side quest and a chance for Babylon Steel to do a bit of grinding on low level mobs. It's not only hack and slash though, Babylon Steel does not try and solve every problem by bashing it over the head. Not a lot of new lore is introduced, but we do get to know the main characters more.

Dangerous Gifts is the perfect book for a cold winter's day. It's comforting, just like a warm blanket, and it is raunchy enough to put a blush on your cheeks. Reading it was like meeting an old friend, a definite feel good book. Once again Gaie Sebold delivers a solid, refreshing tale full of adventure in a exciting new fantasy setting.

Dangerous Gifts weighs in at 446 pages, and is published by Solaris Books.

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