Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Bletchley Circle

Once you got the taste of excitement, and more importantly, making a difference, it is hard to go back to a mundane life. In The Bletchley Circle this is exactly the case for four women, who during World War II  work as code breakers in Bletchley Park. The information they discover plays an important part in ending the war, but then they are all discarded and forgotten. With the return of the men they find themselves back to raising children and doing laundry.

Susan, played by Anna Maxwell Martin, cannot help but notice a pattern in a series of murders of young women. The chief of police is impressed by her knowledge and quickly realises Susan must have been part of the Bletchley Park crew. I was worried she would be dismissed straight away for being a women and given a glass of sherry and told to go home. Making a mark as a woman in a man’s world is of course a major plot obstacle, but it’s done in a tolerable way. However, the police are unable to find anything and Susan realises she must have missed something and recruits her friends to help her.

The Bletchley Circle is a crime drama with a great side story of how four brave women fight for their right to make a difference. It’s a high quality production with great cast and story. Sherlock, watch out!