Welcome to my book review blog!

I love books and I try and carry at least one with me at all times. You never know when you will have 10 minutes of idleness that would be wasted unless there was something to read. I was born in Sweden, but nowadays I live in London. Commuting in London is stressful and reading really helps me to zone out and not worry to much about the shoving and noise around me. Having the Kindle app on my iPhone I can pretty much always whip out something to read. After I read it, my intention is to share my thoughts here with anyone who is interested.

I mostly read: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Crime.

I'm Erik by the way :)

I wanted a simple grading system that would let me focus on the actual analysis of a book instead of worrying too much if I gave a book the right grading or not. I came up with a three different grades:

  • must read - This book is so good that it deserves to be very high up on your reading pile
  • read - This book is good, you should try and read it
  • don't read - There are better books out there right now
Hopefully my review will provide enough context about what I thought of a book to make the actual grading unnecessary. If you disagree with me, I welcome feedbacks in the comments.

More Me
So what does Erik read? Well, I've always been reading fantasy, but I do read other things. My favorite book when I was a kid was actually The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. A glorious book about adventure and vengeance. My first encounter with science fiction that I can remember was The Stars my Destination by Alfred Bester, or Tiger! Tiger! as the Swedish version was called.

You can expect me to post on average two reviews each week and from time to time there will be book giveaways, interviews and whatever nonsense I can come up with. Now and then I will also try and throw in a book from another genre. That's actually something that other reviewers gave me as advice. Broadening your horizons and all that.